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bobsguide is a premier financial IT solutions network for IT-solutions in the area of finance. At the website of bobsguide more than 55,000 use the possibility to exchange views on the financial industry and the latest software solutions. Recently bobsguide published a market survey on software solutions for Treasury Management.

Marktstudie über Software Lösungen im Bereich Treasury Management

The result shows, that besides the two major players SunGard and Ion Group's Wallstreet Systems there are many smaller vendors, who are competitive. Damein McMahon, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers sees as one advantage of smaller vendors, that they can be more focused on client service, because they don`t have as many clients. To choose the right supplier of software it is important to identify the own Treasury Management System requirements, both today and in the future. Afterwards the defined requirements have to be compared with the software solutions of the various vendors in the market.

Funktionalitäten von Treasury Management Softwares

zeb is a remarkable alternative. In most areas it scores above average so it presents a serious alternative to the market leaders. It should be stressed, that zeb.control.risk covers almost continuous the financial instruments in all test areas. It enables risk management of financial instruments of the areas “Money Market“, “Foreign Exchange“, “Investments“, “Derivatives“, “Financing“ und “Trade Finance“. The functionalities and the risk management are also assessed as good. Besides a market-to-market valuation zeb offers the possibility to do hedge effectiveness testing and sensitivity analysis. Its functionalities also include liquidity management and cash visibility. For the detailed results have a look at the website of bobsguide.

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