Solvency II News

Less than 9 months from now, Solvency II will finally enter into force. This requires finalization of various rules and regulations in 2015 and insurance undertakings need to keep track of these changes. Following an overview of the latest developments and further information regarding, inter alia:

  • Set 1 and Set 2 of Implementing Technical Standards and Guidelines
  • XBRL taxonomy
  • ECB statistical reporting requirements

EIOPA - All pillars

EIOPA publishes the Final Reports on full equivalence assessments of Bermuda, Japan and Switzerland

EIOPA - All pillars

Public consultation on the Set 2 of the Solvency II Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) and Guidelines has ended

EIOPA - Pillar 1

EIOPA publishes Solvency II Relevant Risk-Free Interest Rate Term Structures

EIOPA - Pillar 3

Publication of XBRL Taxonomy V1.5.2.c

EIOPA - Pillar 1

EIOPA reviews regulatory treatment of infrastructure investments

EIOPA - Pillar 2

EIOPA publishes the outcome of the public consultation related to the Guidelines on the System of Governance and the ORSA

EIOPA - Pillar 1

EIOPA Guidelines in all EU official languages

EIOPA - Pillar 3

XBRL-Tool for Undertakings (T4U)

Official Journal of the European Union - All pillars

Solvency II: Delegated act adopted

ECB - Reporting

Regulation of ECB on statistical reporting requirements for insurance corporations enters into force

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