Calculation engine

Optimal concept combining programming and static parameter definition

Frank Kathage

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Calculation functionalities


The following functionalities are provided: 

  • Business users define parameters for calculations taking account of bank structures (e.g. organizational structure, product structure, exposure classes, portfolio structure).
  • Parameters are specifically marked measures that can be based on constant factors or formulas.
  • Financial algorithms are implemented through simple formulas or, in more complex functional modules, by means of a descriptive formula language.
  • The graphic user interfaces support users with regard to the syntax to be used and directly check the modeling for correctness.

Thanks to the strong modularization of the calculation engine, the implementation of new functional requirements does not necessitate extensive, complex code adjustments of a "monolithic" calculation engine, but only targeted extensions. Based on the numerous available functional components, new requirements can be implemented very quickly and efficiently without programming by trained users.

zeb.control.calculation already provides extensive, practice-tested standard calculation engine functionalities specific to banking. A concrete implementation of zeb.control is integrated like a building block into the existing architecture of the bank; individual calculation processes can be expanded gradually in a targeted way. Different technical platforms and technologies used are easily combined through Java/Scala interfaces. Owing to its tailored and standard modules with standard interfaces, the platform ensures high investment security as well as timely and cost-efficient integrations.

This approach allows banks to get a top modern calculation engine infrastructure with pre-modeled banking content that can be expanded on its own, while being able to benefit from zeb's ongoing development efforts.

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