Insurance regulation according to Solvency II

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Regulatory functionalities

zeb.control.regulatory - Solvency II software module

The following functionalities are provided: 

  • Consolidation of all the data to be reported through standardized import interfaces as well as dedicated calculation processes
  • Standardized data requirement catalog for complying with all reporting obligations
  • Implementation of the Solvency II standard model approach for computing all required risk and reporting measures (individual companies and group)
  • Use of enterprise-specific (sub-)models through a modular system architecture as well as expandable and freely configurable calculation engines
  • Generation of all forms related to regulatory reporting requirements under Pillar 3 (in particular, QRT reports)
  • Automated and secure reporting to the German supervisory authority via a standardized interface
  • Representation of well-proven regulatory reporting processes of the financial industry
  • Audit-proof, well-proven processes for data storage, data transfers and manual corrections

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software solution for all three pillars

zeb.control.regulatory - Solvency II software module

Pillar II – risk management

In future, competence in risk capital management will become the decisive competitive factor for any insurer. Even today, rating agencies and customers increasingly assess insurers based on their management competence and Solvency II ratio. zeb.control.regulatory – Solvency II supports economic corporate management and risk management. This ensures that the requirements of pillar 2 are met. Using the scenario manager, comprehensive analyses and simulations can be conducted. For example, risk parameter shifts in all risk types can be simulated.

Pillars I and III – Fully automated calculations and reporting processes

The entire reporting process is calculated automatically (standard model according to pillar 1) and an automated report is generated in XBRL format. Insurance companies benefit from efficiency gains thanks to these fully automated calculations. Fewer staff members are required and the error rate is reduced significantly. zeb.control.regulatory – Solvency II maps the entire Solvency II regulatory reporting of solo insurance companies and groups as required by national supervisory authorities in the EU (requirements in pillar 3). The multi-currency capacity and multilinguality of the entire system (reports, user navigation, documentation) enable its use in international insurance companies.

Audit-proof process model

The pre-defined, audit-proof and documented zeb.control process/workflow model can be adapted individually according to company requirements. The entire process chain is mapped in full compliance with regulatory requirements within the zeb.control environment, including pre-calculations. All processes and process steps are automatically logged and a role/rights concept as well as an approval system using the 4-eyes-principle are included. Thus, zeb.control.regulatory – Solvency II complies with the audit and regulatory requirements regarding data quality, data security, traceability, completeness and documentation.

Maximum flexibility

Due to the parameterizability of the system, company and business structures, responsibilities, etc. can be flexibly mapped (incl. historization and storage). It is possible to integrate individual calculation functions (e.g. for partially internal or internal model modules) and feeder systems. Additionally, there are individual configuration and expansion options for reporting, process management and user management as well as the calculation engine available.


zeb.control.regulatory - IORP-reporting software module

Pillar III – reporting processes for IORPs

EIOPA has published new regulatory requirements for the EU-wide regulatory reporting of institutions for occupational retirement provision and pension funds. The reporting obligation pursuant to the EIOPA consultation affects institutions for occupational retirement provision with total assets of EUR 1 bn and above from Dec 31, 2018 on (current expectation).

The proven zeb.control solution offers:

  • Quick adaptation of changes through EIOPA and NCAs (regular changes to taxonomy and reporting regulations)
  • XBRL complexity hidden from users
  • User-friendly validation engine and output easy to understand
  • Capability to question XBRL validation results
  • Integration on the basis of open standards
  • Extendibility of the system and integration into modular system architecture
  • Simple, intuitive data recording (according to annotated templates)
  • Audit-proof process including double-check principle for internal release of the report
  • XBRL instance generation controlled by clear process control
  • XBRL validation incl. clear error reporting and possible corrections in case of validation errors
  • Excellent process-based software with intuitive usability


Please compare our booklet for more information.